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Are you looking for more enquiries and sales? Are you interested in capturing your competitors’ market share? Would getting higher paying clients be interesting to you?

If the answers are all yes, then you are in the right place – IM Solutions, a top performing SEO company in Malaysia.

In this case study, I will be showing you exactly how one of my clients pull in more than RM 20k in profit PER month.

And guess what ? All of these are achieved by ranking only for one keyword group in Google (I will explain more about keyword groups below)

Here are a few things you can take away today.

  • How ranking in Google provides an insane ROI for my client (1000% ROI, I am not kidding).
  • How you can easily target the right customers for your business using Google.
  • In-depth understanding of keywords targeting so you can apply it to your business.
  • Basic on-page and off-page optimization to help you rank in Google

But first of all, let’s introduce the site and the keywords it’s ranking for. (Check screenshots).

Site: mylovestory.com.my
Main keyword: wedding live band in KL

It all started from a casual chat (I called it the strategy session now)

On a random family reunion day, my client (also my cousin) was complaining that he was not receiving enough enquiries (It’s quite normal since most smaller scale businesses rely solely on referral for sales, and referrals is an unreliable method in generating enquiries and sales).

At that time, I was explaining about the concepts of ranking in Google and then making money out of the traffic generated. He thought that it’s a cool idea so he approached me.

We have a casual chat in which he shared insights about his business and at the end of the session, I realized that his business is a great fit for local SEO (ranking for local terms – the keyword mentioned above).

I advised him on the keywords he should target and the things he can do to rank in Google but he wanted me to help him out instead. We agreed on a monthly service fee and after two months, he was already ranking on page one for various keywords (of course he continues to pay the service fee to reach the top of Google and maintain the rankings).

Honestly, if we didn’t have a quick chat about it, most probably he wouldn’t be able to leverage local SEO to generate enquires and sales.

Therefore, in order to help you out, I am offering a free strategy session where I will be advising you on how you can generate more enquiries and sales.

Book a free strategy session now.

Insane Return Over Investment: Way more than 1000% ROI for my client

I know what you are thinking right now – this is just a hype. I know it’s really hard to believe so let me break the numbers down for you.

Client’s service, average net profit/client: RM 1500

Fees I charge: RM 1200/month

Time taken for the site to reach page 1 for various keywords: 2 months

Time taken for the site to rank number 1 for main keywords: 4 months

The thing is, some lower competition keywords will probably hit page 1 much earlier than the main keywords. In fact, my client came back to me 3 weeks after engaging in the service that he acquired a client through Google.

So basically, the fee paid for itself since one customer brings in RM 1500 in net profit for my client.

On month 3 onwards, he consistently receives 40-50 enquiries from Google monthly and that’s really huge. He is converting more than 50% of those enquiries into sales. He is able to do that because these enquiries are so targeted (more on that below).

Now let’s just assume the rankings generate 20 sales monthly.

Extra monthly net profit: 20 x RM 1500 = RM 30000

Compare that to the monthly fix fee : RM 1200

The ROI of this campaign is far beyond the 1000% listed above. In fact, it’s above 2000%.

The best part of all, these numbers are highly achievable in many industries and the only criteria you will need to meet is this:

You are offering a service/product whereby the net profit/sale is higher than RM 1k. There are tons of services that meet this criteria:

  • Law services
  • Accounting services
  • Wedding related services
  • Photographers
  • Interior designers
  • Landscapers
  • Real estate/developing agent
  • And probably a hundred more of them.

And if you are one of them that brings in more than RM 1k in net profit per sale, then you are the right fit for Local SEO.

In some industries, however, the net profit/sale is pretty low but they can still enjoy insane ROI through Google. This is for industries that offer repeatable services like hair grooming services. A hair salon might not make a lot from one single sale but it’s more than likely that a customer will return for more services in the future – on the ground that you provide good services.

Again, if you are interested to know if your business would make a good fit for Local SEO, book up a free strategy session call and I will advise you on that.

How you can easily target the right customers for your business using Google

If you have been doing marketing for a while, you will agree with me when I say that targeting the right kind of customers will make a big difference for your business.

In this particular case, my client is interested in acquiring high class customers that could afford to hire a high quality wedding live band. Therefore, we go for keywords like “best wedding live band in KL” simply because when someone is typing in the word “best”, it means that they are prepared to pay a reasonable amount for the best service available.

We didn’t go for keywords like “cheap wedding live band in KL” because when someone is searching for the cheap wedding live band, they are just interested in the cheapest offer available out there.

I hope you can see how powerful it is when you acquire enquiries through Google because you can drill down to the exact type of customers you are looking for.

It’s not an easy thing to do with other marketing methods.

You can go out there and easily acquire higher paying clients so you make more money out of the time spent.

Keywords targeting

We start off by selecting the right keywords to target.

One of the main reasons we are able to achieve this level of success is because we chose the right keywords to target. Fortunately, this is a repeatable process since most local keywords have high commercial intent and low keyword competition.

I will explain more about commercial intent and keyword competition in a minute but for now, let’s look into what a local keyword is.

An international keyword will be “wedding live band”. Anyone in the world could potentially be searching for “wedding live band”. “Wedding live band in KL” however, is a local keyword because of the location mentioned in the keyword.

Commercial Intent

The best part about acquiring users through Google is that you know exactly what they want. A high commercial intent keyword is a keyword in which users are highly inclined to purchase something.

Let me give you an example.

Wedding live band in KL – When users are searching for this query, they are looking for a wedding live band for their wedding somewhere in KL. If you are ranking for this term, you will be contacted by users that are looking for an exact service you are offering which is why it’s so easy to generate sales.

What is a wedding live band – When users are searching for this query, they merely want to know what a wedding live band is. They are looking for knowledge and they probably aren’t interested in hiring a wedding live band team just yet.


There are tons of high commercial keywords out there but most have high competition. It’s possible to rank for a high competition keyword but it would take a lot of time, money and resources to do so.

And the best part about ranking for local keywords is that most of the keywords have low competition – at least in Malaysia (which is why I think it’s the best time to invest in SEO before Google Malaysia is established with high quality sites).

“wedding live band” is an international keyword which means that every wedding live band in the world is competing for the positions in Google and 99% of the time, US and UK sites are very much stronger and will dominate the top positions.

“wedding live band in KL” on the other hand is an easy keyword because all you have to do is compete with local wedding live band and most of them don’t even have a website. For those that do, they probably don’t even know that ranking in Google can bring them lots of sales.

Even for those that are engaging in SEO service, most don’t do a good job and the sites are generally weak ones (I have clients in multiple niches and I see the same thing – low competition keywords and weak sites dominating the top positions).

Search Volume

Basically tells you how many times a particular keyword is searched for monthly. The thing with local SEO is that you don’t need to rank for high search volume keywords to make good profit.

In this particular case study, the main keyword we are targeting is “wedding live band in KL” which has about 100+ monthly searches. There are many secondary keywords (keywords we target alongside the main keyword) which the site ranks for as well.

Keyword groups

Most SEOs (people that do SEO) will charge you per keyword ranking but I do it differently. I charge per keyword group. So what’s the difference?

You might be ranking for;

  • Wedding live band in KL (Main keyword)
  • Best wedding live band in KL (Secondary keyword)
  • Live band in KL (Secondary keyword)
  • Wedding live band KL (Secondary keyword)
  • KL wedding live band (Secondary keyword)

These are all different keywords that we can optimize your site to rank for. However, instead of ranking for each of these keywords individually, a better way to do it is to target these almost-similar keywords with a single page since the users are probably searching for the same thing, just in a different way.

On the other hand, “wedding live band in KL” and “wedding photographer in KL” are two distinct keywords and therefore should be optimized with two different pages. These two couldn’t be combined because when someone is looking for a wedding photographer, they might not want to look for a wedding live band.

All these stuffs are pretty logic and it’s not hard to understand. The best way to do well in Google is to provide the exact information/service the users are looking for. That way, you will see an extremely high conversion rate.

Bottom line: Selecting the right keywords will make the whole process a lot easier and we are pretty good at that – choosing keywords that are both profitable but don’t take too much money and time to rank for.

On-Page and Off-Page Optimization

On-Page SEO is pretty straight forward. Basically, it’s doing everything you can on your website to impress Google (traditional way). The modern way, or at least the way I see more success with, is to optimize your website for Google and users – you can’t leave either one out.

It’s impossible for me to go through every on page SEO detail in this case study, but here are a few things we did to optimize this client’s site:

  • Include the main keyword in the title (no brainer).
  • Include visual appealing images.
  • Showcase a range of videos to keep the users engaged (video is a big thing).
  • Break large paragraph texts into smaller blocks.
  • Don’t spam keywords usage (old method that doesn’t work these days).

Off-Page SEO is where many fail to do it or simply doing it the wrong way. The simplest way to understand off page SEO is that you are doing things that will boost your Google’s ranking without actually touching your site.

And the most common and important form of off page SEO is to build backlinks – a clickable link on another website that points to yours. This is a huge factor in determining which website will rank on top of Google.

As with above, it’s not possible for me to explain everything about off page SEO here (I can create a complete video course solely on off page SEO alone).

Here are some off page SEO work I did for this client:

  • Landing contextual links (in the content) on various local news sites.
  • Build local citations using business directories (yelp, yellowpages, etc)
  • Building some backlinks on niche-relevant forums.
  • Get a few links from highly authoritative niche relevant overseas websites (Refer to note below)

Note: It would be better if you have local connections as local links are more relevant. However, it’s rare to find powerful niche-relevant websites locally especially in Malaysia. Also, it’s not easy to land these powerful links and the reason I am able to do it is because of the connections I had with these editors while running my online publishing websites.


There you have it, the exact process from keyword selection to ranking the site. Also, the statistics and data shared above prove how profitable it is to rank your business on Google.

You can take what I gave you above and rank your business. It’s very doable considering that if you read every single thing in this article, you already know more about ranking in Google than 90% of the people in the world.

Having that said, it’s not really efficient for you to learn everything up and do it yourself as you have better things to do.

If that’s the case, you can leave your entire SEO campaign to us and focus on running your business.

Get started by booking a free strategy session here.