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Consultation Session

What you can expect from this consultation call

From a general standpoint, this consultation call is all about analyzing your business to help you map out a strategic marketing game plan moving forward. It’s also a great chance for you to ask us specific questions that you might have.

While the specifics we get into are different across various businesses, industries and markets, here are some common details we will most likely cover:

1. Determine if your business could take advantage of Local SEO to increase sales & profits.

2. Calculating expected ROI based on KSV (keyword search volume), CLV (customer’s lifetime value), and SEO cost.

3. Analyzing how your business stands against your competitors in terms of Google rankings and SEO strength.

4. Basic changes that you can perform on your own to optimize your current website for higher rankings and better conversions. (At no cost to you).

5. Map out a solid SEO strategy that best fits your business.

But wait…

I know you are excited, I am as well.

However, this consulation call is definitely NOT for you if:

1. You don’t have excess capacity to take in more customers or don’t plan to do so in the near future. Expect an increase of at least 2-3 times your current sales velocity once you are ranking for targeted keywords. If you can’t handle the influx of enquiries, you can’t enjoy the expected ROI and we don’t want that to happen. One of our clients 10x their sales via Google’s traffic.

2. You don’t know how to convert the traffics and enquiries received. The most we can do is to send you high quality traffic as well as preselling your service on your website. This problem normally exists in start-ups.

3. You refuse to take our advise into consideration. Why would you even schedule a consultation call in the first place? It’s probably because you need professional SEO and internet marketing advice. Of course, we will always present marketing strategies that are aligned with your company’s mission and branding efforts.

4. You don’t see the value in internet marketing, SEO in particular (You can learn more about how SEO help local businesses in Malaysia here). In short, you need to set aside a decent amount of marketing budget if you are serious about SEO (ideally > RM 1000 monthly). Even if you don’t plan to use our service, you will still need to hire your own in-house team to do the job – which in most cases will result in higher cost since they know next to nothing in regards to SEO.

5. You are running non-ethical businesses. This is pretty straight forward. We don’t work with bussiness in the adult entertainment, MLM or get-rich-quick schemes, and gambling industries.

With all of that out of the way, please schedule your free consultation call below.

Note: The form below takes approximately 5 minutes to fill up. We need to know more about your business prior to the consultation call to safe time for both parties.